It’s official, it is a race to 80 per cent in a four-stage plan to vaccinate to freedom. 

The Prime Minister announced last Friday that National Cabinet had agreed in principle to open the country, internally and externally with 80 per cent of adults and minors above the age of 16 vaccinated.  

Currently only 18 per cent of Australians are fully vaccinated. 

Restrictions to Remain on Unvaccinated 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison went on to say that after the rest of the country opens, restrictions will continue for those that refuse vaccination. 

“We’d have to have more restrictions on people who are unvaccinated because they’re a danger to themselves and others,” Mr Morrison said.

“If you’re not vaccinated you present a greater health risk to yourself and to others than people who are vaccinated … and public health decisions will have to be made on that basis.”

Four Stage Plan To Reopening 

In a four-phase plan set out by the Prime Minister, restrictions will commence easing at 70 per cent vaccination. Summary as follows: 

Phase 1: 

  • Features increased vaccine rollout. 
  • Recognise existing Medicare vaccine confirmation certificate
  • Develop vaccine passport

Phase 2 – 70 per cent with two doses:  

  • People who are vaccinated have restrictions substantially eased. 
  • Rates of vaccinating new people remains high, no slowing. 
  • Lockdowns much rarer. 
  • Capped numbers of foreign and economic visa holders allowed into the country.
  • Rollout vaccine booster. 

Phase 3 – 80 per cent with 2 doses: 

  • Lift all restrictions for those people that are vaccinated. 
  • Continue vaccine booster program. 
  • Increased foreign students and economic visa holders. 

Phase 4: 

  • The vaccinated allowed to live with the virus managing as the community does the flu etc. 
  • Uncapped entry and exit of the country. 
  • Open international borders completely. 

The Prime Minister also flagged that lockdowns will continue to be reality until the 80 per cent target is reached and that will take until early next year. 

The Government remains confident that 70 per cent can be reached by the end of the year. 
This assumes of course that people get vaccinated. 

The more people that are unvaccinated the longer the country will be in lock down and the longer that most of us who are vaccinated will continue to continue to suffer the effects of lockdown. 

To achieve 70 per cent and then 80 per cent, workplaces will need to encourage people to get the vaccinated, according to the Grattan Institute. 

The Victorian construction industry is hoping to deliver tens of thousands of Pfizer doses on building sites throughout Melbourne to insulate the sector from further shutdowns.

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