The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has advised that consumers should discard any Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 + that has an expiry date of 30 August 2023 or prior due to the detection of the chemical benzene in some batches. 

The chemical benzene has been identified to cause certain cancers therefore people should dispose of it and request a refund on the Neutrogena website

The chemical benzene is occasionally used in the medicine manufacturing process and internal testing detected low benzene levels in the small quantity of samples. 

Johnson & Johnson, owner of Neutrogena, stated that recalling the sunscreen was extremely precautious. 

Neutrogena expressed on its website that the levels of benzene revealed in the sunscreen would not be likely cause harmful health consequences. 

The TGA said it is essential for sunscreens to have a concentration of benzene below less than 2 parts per million (ppm).  

Concentrations of benzene less than 3ppm was detected in two of the 17 batches in Johnson & Johnson’s product testing. 

Working outdoors on concrete, metal, glass, and other reflective surfaces, can expose workers to strong UV levels of solar ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Therefore, it is important to minimise solar UV exposure by wearing a hat, sunglasses and applying 30 + SPF sunscreen, switching between indoor and outdoor work and working in the shade.