COVID-19 update for Sunday, 29 March

The Victorian State Government has today issued a document on best practice for managing building and construction sites in the COVID-19 environment. You can access a copy here.

This document was requested by Master Builders Victoria and the CFMEU in a meeting with the Premier’s Office on 18 March 2020 – and we are very grateful to the Department of Health and Human Services for actioning our request, especially given what they have been dealing with.

We encourage members to review the document and follow this best practice on sites.

In the meantime, Master Builders Victoria will continue to work with our members, other industry associations and unions to review the Government’s guidance on best practice and, where necessary, update the detailed set of guidelines that we issued on Thursday.

Meanwhile, please continue to keep up your great work to manage the potential threat of COVID-19 on building and construction sites. It is wonderful to see that many of our members have already responded; site amenities are being redesigned, social distancing policies are being implemented, hygiene leaders are providing guidance, multiple start and finish times are being used. Our workforce is responding in a committed and professional way.

As always, we’ll keep members informed as things progress.

Please stay well and safe.

Best wishes, Rebecca