Earlier today the Premier presented the Victorian Government’s roadmap for the easing of Stage 4 restrictions.  While there will be much public commentary about the wisdom of timings and measures, for this message we will stick to what has been announced, and the facts members will need in order to operate lawfully from 28 September 2020. However, we do understand there may be frustration and disappointment that there will not be any changes until that date.  On your behalf, our team has worked tirelessly this week with the Government, employer associations and unions to ensure that our industry is in the best possible position to get back to full capacity as soon as the epidemiological data allows.

This message is a summary of today’s announcement, relating to what has been announced for the building and construction industry specifically. As with previous changes to restrictions, further details will be developed in the coming days and we expect members will have many questions as to how these rules practically apply. We will endeavor to answer them throughout this week.      



The restrictions that our industry will be working within over the coming weeks and months will be in stages with colours corresponding to the level of restriction.

Closed (except for critical and emergency works)

Heavily restricted (this is the stage Greater Melbourne members are currently in)

Restricted (Greater Melbourne members to move to on 28 September if average daily new cases rates are between 30-50)

Open with High-Risk COVIDSafe plan (this is the stage Regional Victorian members are currently in)

The likelihood is this system will operate for several months.  In the meantime, the intention is for all industries to move through the stages as cases in the community fall until they get to Green – effectively the ‘COVID-normal’ that is often referred to. Once at Green, it is intended that our industry will be able to operate at full capacity while operating with effective controls to stop the spread of the virus, as our sector has been doing throughout the pandemic.

Regional Victoria is already in this stage but, under the roadmap, there will be some minor adjustments to comply with.



Under the system, each building and construction project will continue to be classified as follows:


  • >3 storeys (excl. basement), or
  • More than 1,500m2 floor size (inclusive of all floors), or
  • Any office, internal fit our or retail premises, or
  • Industrial, large format or retail use.



  • Construction less than the large-scale threshold, applicable from after the Base Stage to completion of the Fixing Stage.



  • Comprises all civil works undertaken on open-air, large greenfield sites that are associated with and preparatory to construction of multiple individual residential dwellings or industrial or commercial site.



Six fundamental safety principles will be applied to our industry. Every safety step that needs to be taken will be tied to a principle. Those principles guide how instructions are set out in the tables released today by government. 

These principles are consistent with the changes our industry has been implementing since March, meaning that our members are well placed to meet the requirements and help our sector move safely back to full capacity.

The principles are:

  • Ensure physical distancing
  • Wear a mask
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Keep records and act quickly if staff become unwell
  • Avoid interaction in enclosed spaces
  • Create workforce bubbles




  • Client (or agent) contract meetings including document signing, material selection, final inspections conducted remotely where possible. If not reasonably practicable, on-site meetings permitted by appointment only with physical distancing.


CHANGES AS AT 28 SEPTEMEBER (provided daily COVID cases reduce to 30-50 on average) FOR GREATER MELBOURNE MEMBERS

The full roadmap tables with details for our industry can be found here.  

Listed below are the high-level changes for each area as of 28 September 2020 with easing of restrictions. This only applies if Melbourne is at an average daily new case range of 30-50.


Moves from Heavily Restricted to Restricted on 28 September 2020 if average daily new case rate is 30-50.

Features of Yellow:

  • A daily maximum of workers on site calculated as the higher of 85% of their baseline workforce; OR 15 workers. (an increase from the current 25% of workforce or 5 workers)
  • All site inductions conducted outside
  • All toolbox meetings conducted outside
  • Specialist contractors can move between up to 3 sites/week.
  • Workers restricted to attending only one site
  • Dedicated COVIDSafe Monitor on site
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse resources and messaging required on site


Moves from Heavily Restricted to Restricted on 28 September 2020 if average daily new case rate is 30-50.

Features of Yellow:

  • Maximum of 5 workers on site.
  • Workers encouraged to work from home where possible
  • Corporate staff should work remotely and all site offices to apply density quotient
  • All site inductions conducted outside
  • All toolbox meetings conducted outside
  • Workforce bubbles/workforce movement is permitted under the following rules:
    • Specialist contractors: up to 5 sites/week.
    • Workers restricted to attending only 2 sites on any given day.

Whilst there is nothing detailed in the guidelines for renovations, Master Builders Victoria has already been in contact with government regarding the Premiers comments about work taking place outside. Details of what this means will be finalised this week.



Moves from Heavily Restricted to Restricted on 28 September 2020 if average daily new case rate is 30-50.

Features of Yellow:

  • Density restrictions of no more than 20 workers per hectare



Full timelines and information can be found at these links:






According to today’s government roadmap, regional areas remain in Green.

Full government roadmaps for Regional Victoria can be found here.



This bulletin highlights some of the more significant changes that have been announced. The full government tables can be found here

We understand that this will prompt many questions. We will update you on information as it becomes available, including updates to our FAQs page on a nightly basis.

We understand this is a lot to take in today but, rest assured, we are representing your concerns to the government daily.

Today, in conjunction with the CFMEU, we have also released a statement to the media outlining our thoughts on the roadmap. The statement can be viewed here.

It remains essential that all members closely follow the COVID-19 industry guidelines and ensure that our sector’s record of minimal infection continues. Our industry's ability to open to full capacity is intrinsically linked to the safety of our community and relies on both falling community cases and a continued record of compliance within our sector. It is therefore exceptionally vital that each of you takes responsibility for ensuring that you, your organisation and those organisations you work with, maintain standards of compliance at all times. Only then can we focus on the economic recovery that is so greatly needed.

As always, Master Builders Victoria is working tirelessly on your behalf, and our team is here to support you.