This week, the Victorian government introduced a dangerous goods bill which, in addition to increasing penalties for existing offences, introduces a new reckless conduct offence that will see prison terms of up to 10 years for offenders that recklessly engage in the manufacture, storage, transport, transfer or sale or use dangerous goods in a way that places, or may place, another person in danger of death.

You can read the Victorian government’s media release in greater detail here.

Members may be aware that the introduction of the bill follows a number of high profile ‘illegal’ stockpiling of chemical cases, which has been reported on over the last several months. This behaviour is akin to criminal syndicates, who have allegedly been hiring industrial properties, stockpiling the sites with chemicals and taking off.

Master Builders Victoria notes that the proposed new offence appears to be considerably broader in its scope than necessary to address the reckless conduct relating to the stockpiling of dangerous goods.

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