Below outlines border updates to the South Australia and Queensland regions:

South Australian Travel

As of February 11, 2021 anyone who has been in Greater Melbourne on or after February 4 will be unable to enter South Australia, unless you have an exemption. This means any work travel to South Australia from Melbourne will need to be postponed until further notice.

People in Regional Victoria or SA/Vic border towns will be able to travel if they obtain a travel permit, you can access that application here

For more information on entry to South Australia see here.


Queensland Travel

As of 1 am Saturday, February 13 2021, anyone entering Queensland who has been in Victoria on or since Friday, February 5 will need to apply for a border pass. They can be applied for here.

The border is still open, so work travel from Victoria to Queensland can continue with the above border pass, for more information see here.

Members are invited to contact the Master Builders Victoria team on (03) 9411 4555 If you need assistance or have further queries.