Be COVIDSafe on the Worksite – the new safety campaign for all worksites

Following on from last Friday, today we see phase two of our new safety campaign, this time focussing on how our safety at home and with the family is just as important to keeping our industry open as what happens on-site.

This includes posters for the worksite and social media tiles to share, so please print out the posters in all relevant languages to display on your website and share the social media far and wide on social media, on both your business and personal pages. The messages have been translated into 15 different languages that are all available for download here, so the message can be understood by people of all cultural backgrounds.

All phases of the campaign are available for download at this page, and we recommend using all phases which focus on different areas of safety – today it’s the family and household.

Here is a message you can also spread far and wide within the industry to ensure all worksites have this information:

Be COVIDSafe on the Worksite
The building, construction and development industry of Victoria have developed COVIDSafe worksite resources in 16 languages. 

Posters, social media tiles and messages can be downloaded here:

Print the posters and post them your worksite in all relevant languages and share these social media messages with your community, colleagues, family and friends.

We are all in this together.