Dear Members,

In consideration of the issues raised in the ROC inquiry outcome regarding the inadvertent application of the Master Builders Victoria (MBV) election rules, the recent commencement of the MBV 2020 elections and in the interests of best practice governance and its members, the MBV Board has chosen to enter into election mode until the 2020 elections are concluded - expected to be by late 2020.  This decision has been ratified by both the MBV Board and Council of Management.
The election mode means that the Board will only make decisions that are absolutely necessary for the running of MBV. 
Examples of the decisions that the Board will continue to make include:

  • approval and termination of members;
  • dealing with mandatory regulatory matters; or
  • dealing with essential ordinary operational matters.

Examples of decisions that the Board will either defer to the new Board post-election, or refer to the Council of Management to consider include:

  • the purchase or sale of property;
  • the purchase or sale of significant assets;
  • the approval of any spending outside of that which is usual and necessary to maintain MBV’s ordinary operational functions; or
  • the election of directors to external boards.

Please contact the MBV team if you have any questions on (03) 9411 4555 or at [email protected]
Kind regards, 
Richard Hansen