Several of our members and the CFMEU have reached an in-principle understanding on what are acceptable terms for new Enterprise Agreements over the next four years. Master Builders Victoria has assisted our members in these discussions.

A core role of Master Builders Victoria is to provide industrial relations support to our members, which includes assisting them in negotiating Enterprise Agreements.The in-principle understanding will provide certainty for both employers and employees in the building and construction industry.

Several flexibilities have been provided for, including a smaller projects provision that will promote investment and employment. It introduces positive new provisions that support worker flexibility around accessing part time work, and a safer and more inclusive environment, particularly for women.  The wage increase element is a more measured outcome than previous years; an annual average increase of approximately 1.68% this year and approximately 3% each year after that. Redundancy, superannuation and insurances have also increased.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Master Builders Victoria has worked tirelessly with the unions to keep building and construction sites safe and open, and successfully advocated for additional stimulus. However, while we are proud of how resilient and adaptable our industry has proven itself to be, this is a time for moderation. We are optimistic that these in-principle Agreements will send a strong signal that Victoria is the place for building and construction, and help promote investment and employment at a time when it is most needed.
If you are interested in using the in-principle Agreement as a reference point for your enterprise bargaining, we can provide more detailed advice. Please contact our Industrial Relations Team if you require further information or need any assistance. 
We also acknowledge that the in-principle Agreement may not suit some members.  In those cases, we will assist you to establish what you need for your business and support you in discussions with your employees and their representatives. Please contact our Industrial Relations Team if you need any assistance.