The latest ABS data shows that the rate of strikes and illegal stoppages in the construction industry has doubled, accounting for almost half of the entire Australian total.

The construction industry had the highest number of working days lost due to industrial disputation over the December quarter 2018 (13,200) – accounting for 43 per cent of all days lost to disputes – and almost double the amount in the previous quarter (6900).

Victoria (9100) had the highest number of working days lost of any state or territory in December quarter 2018, accounting for 30 per cent of total working days lost.

This data provides clear and independent evidence of the continuing need for the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) to be retained. It also serves to illustrate the negative impact of the growing uncertainty as to the ABCC’s future, with the ABS date showing a marked increase in unlawful behaviour from building unions - characterised by the unlawful bullying, coercion and intimidation of small businesses and their workers.

Master Builders strongly supports the work of the ABCC and its continued efforts to establish the rule of law in our industry – and to hold to account those who continue to act as if they are above the law. It is clear that those calling for the abolition of such an effective regulator are acting not only against the best interests of the Victorian construction industry – but also against the national interest of Australia as a whole.