By Rebecca Casson, CEO

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s also my first chance as CEO of Master Builders Victoria to address an issue that I think is of great importance to our industry, which is how we recognise and harness the power of diversity. The issue of diversity is no longer just a question of morality or ‘fairness’. Studies have shown consistently that increased diversity, at all levels of organisations, correlate with improved business performance. It is therefore a responsibility of any effective leader  to engage in the discussion on how we continue the considerable progress that has been made around the various issues of diversity in recent decades. In considering this, we recognise all forms of diversity such as gender, generational and cultural diversity that are important to drive a more inclusive workplace and community.

Recognising these facts on International Women’s Day is particularly challenging as a leader within the construction industry, which is, and has traditionally been, so male-dominated. This is one reason why it was so pleasing to have shared breakfast with many highly capable female leaders of the industry this morning. But it’s not just the industry leaders. It’s women of all levels who are entering the industry and driving us all forward.

Proud as I am of these many women, I also want to acknowledge work that people of all genders contribute to our industry, and especially today, to the help they have provided me, the other women I have mentioned, and the young females who will be our leaders of the future.

On this note, I want to lay down a challenge. Those of you who follow Master Builders on social media will know that I like a selfie. They are a great way to highlight the outstanding work that we do in this industry. You will see us post some images today of our Team as they look to mark International Women’s day. You’ll also see that it’s not only women among our team who wanted to be included in these images.

I’d love to see you join us in that. Wouldn’t it be great if we all took a chance to post a selfie with the mother who gave the confidence to follow your dream in to the building and construction industry, the wife or partner who keeps you going or the daughter who inspires you every day. But even more than that, the daughter of whom you are so proud to see follow in your footsteps, or the sister who has partnered with you in the business and the colleague who has your back on site every day.

Please tag us in your posts and use the hashtags #mbav, #balanceforbetter, #IWD2019, #internationalwomensday and #diversityinbuilding, and we will endeavour to re-share some of our favourites.

Diversity has played such a huge part in getting our industry to where we are today, and you’ll be hearing more from us on this in the future.