Master Builders is working with Jobs Victoria on the Youth Employment Program, which aims to address the issues of youth unemployment and skills shortages, both of which are closely linked to our industry’s ability to deliver the housing and infrastructure demanded by our rapidly growing population.

Through Jobs Victoria, the Victorian Government provides flexible, statewide employment services to support and connect jobseekers and employers. Our shared goal is to connect long-term jobseekers with local businesses to place 100 people into jobs. We’re reaching out to employers who are seeking staff for entry-level, onsite roles such as trades assistants, construction assistants and skilled labourers. We want to know of any opportunities your business may offer the participants in this program, and where they are located. To help you fill these vacancies, we’ll be training and up-skilling young people, who are looking for a start in the industry to ensure they’re job-ready and can work safely in your team.

By taking part in this program you’ll not only get the extra help you need to support your business, but you’ll also receive quality professional development training at our state-of-the-art Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) to equip you with any extra skills you might need including, mentoring and working with diversity.

For more information on the Jobs Victoria Youth Employment Program, please contact the Careers Team on (03) 9411 4514 or email Master Builders here.