The Victorian Government announced further easing of restrictions on Sunday and the removal of the state of disaster. While these changes are focused more on social and travel restrictions with the 25km radius restriction in metropolitan Melbourne removed (the full statement can be accessed here), there are also some added benefits for our industry which, in the case of display homes and suites, represents a significant advocacy win for members.

Display suites

While these were not mentioned in the statement from the Premier yesterday, we have been advised that display suites throughout Victoria, where the property itself is not for sale, are able to open without appointment, subject to the density quotient

This means…

Display suites not intended for residential purchase are open, subject to the retail density quotient (1 person for every four square metres).

Where the home itself is for sale, the real estate rules apply. Real estate inspections in metropolitan Melbourne came into alignment with regional Victoria, meaning up to 10 people from any number of households can now attend an inspection, subject to the density quotient of the property (1 person every four square metres).

In both scenarios, the four-square-metre-per-person rule must be maintained, along with:

  • Ensuring that all people maintain 1.5 metres of physical distancing at all times
  • Undertaking regular cleaning
  • Displaying relevant signage
  • Keeping a record of the name and contact details of each visitor, to assist in contact tracing if needed.
  • Having a COVIDSafe plan.

From 11:59pm 22 November there will be further restrictions eased under ‘Real Estate’. Indoor auctions will still be subject to the density quotient but will be allowed a maximum of 20 people.  Outdoor auctions limits will also be increased to 50 people, from any number of households, excluding infants under 12 months. 


Metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria travel for work

The barriers to travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria have now been lifted. This means workers in our industry will no longer need a permit for work travel. The 25km radius limit in metropolitan Melbourne has also been removed, with worker permits no longer required when travelling in Melbourne.

The restrictions that do remain are those for state borders. The New South Wales/Victoria border is scheduled to open at 12:01am on 23 November. This means that until that time, workers from metropolitan Melbourne who are working regionally will only be able to go as far as the Victoria border. Workers in the Victoria/NSW Border Zone will continue to be able to cross borders for work with their permit.

Then, as of 12:01am 23 November 2020, permits will not be required for Border Zones workers, and metropolitan Melbourne and other regional Victoria area workers can travel into New South Wales for work. We await further news on the opening of borders with South Australia.

As detailed above, there are further easing of restrictions today that apply to social, entertainment, travel, recreation and other services, and another set that come into play at 11:59pm 22 November 2020. The complete roadmap can be viewed here.