With all of the activity going on over the last week in relation to easing of restrictions, you may have missed two important additional advocacy wins for Master Builders Victoria.
On Saturday, Planning Minister Richard Wynne announced the approval of a suite of new projects but also the launch of the Development Facilitation Program (DFP). The DFP’s role continues the work of the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce and is to identify priority projects that meet specific criteria and quicken the approval process.

This was something Master Builders Victoria discussed with the Minister’s office, and CEO Rebecca Casson has commented:

“Master Builders Victoria supports the establishment of the Development Facilitation Program as the next phase of the previous Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce. This initiative follows our advocacy for the speeding up of project approvals to help get the Victorian economy moving again. This program, and the approval of a range of projects today by Minister Wynne, delivers on that advocacy and is welcomed by our industry.”
For more information read the Minister’s Statement here.
Yesterday, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio announced the new Energy Legislation Amendment (Licence Conditions) Bill 2020, enabling the Minister to set conditions that energy companies must meet, including timeliness for connection.

Again, something we directly advocated to the Red Tape Commissioner and the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce, Rebecca Casson’s response:

“Delays in connecting new housing to power grids had been a thorn in the side of our industry for some time, and it was a key area that we raised with Victoria’s Red Tape Commissioner and the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce.

It’s heartening to see the State Government introduce this legislation, it will cut red tape and will allow our industry to complete projects quicker, which is what is desperately needed in the current climate”
Full information can be read here, while here is today’s report in The Age.
These are just two recent examples of Master Builders Victoria advocacy in addition to the day-to-day work on all things COVID-19.