You may have seen this morning that the Victorian Government made a preliminary announcement about the development of a new quarantine hub in Melbourne’s north, as alternative quarantine accommodation for returning overseas travellers.

An existing animal quarantine facility located at Donnybrook Road in Mickleham, more than 40 kilometres north of Melbourne’s CBD, was announced as the preferred site by Victoria’s Acting Premier, James Merlino.

Mr Merlino said Victoria would invest $15 million in the design work for a 500-bed quarantine facility.

However, the project is dependent on Commonwealth funding, and according to Mr Merlino a final decision whether to go ahead would not be made until September.

According to details released, the new quarantine hub would be designed with portable cabins and be able to accommodate 500 passengers at any one time, with the ability to scale up to 3000 beds.

In his comments to the media, Mr Merlino said that cost of constructing the complex would total $200 million, and a 3000-bed facility would cost up to $700 million.

Mr Merlino also said if the Commonwealth rejected the Mickleham proposal, the state would then investigate building the facility near the Avalon airport.

What we need from you  

On our member’s behalf, MBV has had a very positive engagement with the State Government on this exciting major project and we are now seeking your input on what you consider to be the most sensible approach for this initiative.

For example, should a managing contractor be appointed to work in partnership with the Government at the start of the project, will a design and construct, lump sum model be more efficient or are there other procurement delivery methods that should be considered?

Please send your comments

We are in the process of working with the State Government on a potential webinar related to this initiative to gather further information and background, so stay tuned for more news.