Would you love to carry your centralised, real-time multi-site data about site attendance, site updates and other safety requirements in the palm of your hand, wherever you are?  We can help you. Master Builders Victoria and 1Breadcrumb have formed an alliance to provide an exclusive discount for the 1Breadcrumb contact and record-keeping app for Master Builders members.

The 1BreadCrumb application creates a contactless, secure digital, geofenced site for workers and visitors to check-in and out. The entry and exit criteria can be tailored via the designated company's website.

Key Features

  • Workplace mapping
  • Check-in functions
  • Announcement/alert features
  • Virtual Wallet, storing High-Risk COVID Safe Plans, SWMS, OHS Certificates and other documents
  • Nearby site notifications
  • Live consumer behaviour and traffic analysis on sites
  • Integration with member’s CRM
  • Easy compliance and contact tracing ability during COVID-19

1Breadcrumb is an application that allows businesses to safely and securely keep records for their workplace and visitor management. This automated app provides a contactless record keeping solution that enables construction businesses to manage their sites in an easy, safe and efficient way. Members received up to 25% off.

To access this exclusive member benefit, please visit www.1breadcrumb.com/MBAV/ and enter the discount code MBAV1BC20.