In late December 2018, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) issued several advisory articles relevant to home builders. Notable among them are the following:

Overhead clearance requirements for gas cooking appliances

The VBA issues this reminder to practitioners to follow manufacturers’ instructions when installing gas cooking appliances, exhaust fans and rangehoods, in order to achieve the minimum clearance required for safe operation.

Submitting applications with water corporations

The VBA offers advice on how to minimise trouble unnecessary delays when submitting plumbing applications, stressing the need to supply the full details and requirements of your project.

Directions to fix building work

The VBA reminds building surveyors that they must refer Directions to Fix (DTF) to the VBA within seven days of the end of the required compliance period. Each referral is assessed by the VBA and, if found enforceable, may result in the builder facing disciplinary action and/or prosecution in relation to their failure to comply with the DTF.