The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is in the process of creating a new Building Activity Management System (BAMS), a new online system for the application and issuing of building permits, commencing on 1 July 2019.

The introduction of BAMS corresponds with the recent changes to section 18AA of the Building Act 1993, which is to be effective as of the 1 July 2019.

The new changes are:

  • The relevant building surveyor, on accepting an application for a building permit, is required to apply to the VBA for a building permit number
  • The application must:
  1. be in a form approved by the VBA, and
  2. include an estimate of the cost of building work and an estimate of the building permit levy, and payable
  • include the prescribed information
  • The relevant building surveyor is able to consider an application for a building permit while waiting for the issuing of the building permit number by the VBA.

These changes mean that from 1 July 2019, the VBA will issue a building permit number only to the relevant building surveyor and the subsequent building permit once:

  • The building permit levy is paid
  • Information required in the form is provided
  • Any information as required by the Building Regulations is provided.

As such, these changes mean that the relevant Building Surveyor is no longer able to issue a building permit without going through the above process.

It is extremely important that the information provided to the relevant building surveyor when lodging an application for a building permit is fully completely detailed  and includes the prescribed information and cost of building work .

The Building Act does include prescribed time frames for the VBA to process an application for a building permit number; it is likely that this process may cause some delays for building permit applications to be issued by the relevant building surveyor.

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