Amendment VC158 – combustible cladding rectification exemptions, was gazetted by the Hon. Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning, on Tuesday 26 November.

Amendment VC158 amends the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) and all planning schemes (including overlays) to facilitate the timely rectification of combustible cladding on buildings by introducing new permit, notice, and third-party exemptions.

Under the new Clause 52.01 (‘Combustible cladding rectification exemptions’) in the VPP, if a Private Building Surveyor or Municipal Building Surveyor issues a notice or order for the rectification of combustible cladding on a building, a planning permit is not required. Additionally, an application to amend a planning permit in response to any such notice or order, will be exempt from notice and third-party review requirements.

Where the VBA has been declared the Municipal Building Surveyor as part of the Victorian State-wide Cladding Audit, this amendment will also aid this by removing the burden of requiring a planning permit for cladding rectification.

While this is a positive step toward the efficient removal of combustible cladding, Master Builders Victoria continues to advocate that an all-of-industry solution is required, in addition to a moratorium on litigation for builders who want to contribute to the rectification without fear of reprisal.

Members can obtain more information on the amendment by clicking here.