The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP) recently announced the release of the Better Apartments in Neighbourhoods Discussion Paper. The discussion paper proposes changes to the Better Apartment Design Standards, focused on external building and streetscape amenity. It addresses five key areas:

  • Green space
  • Appearance of the building
  • Wind effects
  • Street interface
  • Construction effects

Members can read the discussion paper and provide a submission if they wish by clicking here.

Master Builders Victoria currently sits on DEWLP’s Building Better Apartments Reference Group and have consulted with DEWLP on proposed changes to the Better Apartments Design Standards in the past. In those discussions, while acknowledging the government’s focus on addressing apartment living amidst Victoria’s growing population, Master Builders noted that any changes to the existing Standards must not exacerbate housing affordability issues and compromise building density.  

Submissions are due by Friday 27 September 2019. As such, Master Builders will be providing a submission responding to the discussion paper and will be seeking member feedback for it. Members can provide feedback to Master Builders at