The VBA has shared that CertMark International (CMI), a product certification body under the CodeMark Scheme, has withdrawn nine certificates for cladding systems, including aluminium composite panels (ACP) and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The nine withdrawn certificates are:

  • CM40029 Ozone Panel Building Systems
  • CM40066 Alpolic A2
  • CM40067 Alpolic FR
  • CM40076 Ultrabond FR
  • CM40079 Vitrabond FR
  • CM40082 Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
  • CM40093 Larson FR
  • CM40138 Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
  • CM40162 Cladex FR

The announcement states:

"This means the above certificates cannot be relied upon as evidence of suitability.

The VBA is seeking information in relation to the circumstances of withdrawal by CMI.

In the meantime, certificate holders are obliged under CodeMark Australia rules to notify existing customers of this withdrawal."

Master Builders will share further information with members as it becomes available. In the meantime, please refer to the VBA website for details and queries.

Builders may want to check with their building surveyor about their building stock.

See the VBA announcement here.