“Master Builders Victoria welcomes major transport infrastructure construction plans, like today’s announcement of the Suburban Rail Loop that could potentially provide a long-term pipeline of work for the industry. Transport infrastructure that connects regional centres and suburbs could have broader impacts on growth, development and building activity in the future in those areas,” Master Builders Association of Victoria CEO Radley de Silva said.

“We have been calling for projects of this scale to begin and we are encouraged by the estimated commencement by the end of 2022. However we must recognise that the devil will be in the detail about when and how this project will proceed and will be funded.”

“Whilst this new proposal is a good first step, the processes of planning, funding and converting that into a shovel-ready project by 2022 is quite some time away and will require positive consultation with industry.”

“In considering the plans for this, we hope that the Andrews Government recognises the significant skills shortages already being faced in the industry, and that more needs to be done to fund employers and industry RTOs to ensure that more people are attracted to, and retained within, the industry.”

“In addition, recent site allowance decisions raise concerns about the exploding EBA wage growth in the commercial sector and the imperative for the Andrews Government to turn its mind to wage costs that ultimately cost taxpayers. We urge the Andrews government, should it be re-elected, to plan the project in a responsible manner that benefits taxpayers and reduces the likelihood of EBA wage blow outs,” Mr de Silva said.

“Victoria needs large projects and we welcome this announcement today,” Mr de Silva said.

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