Master Builders Victoria welcomes the Treasurer’s statement of commitment to the building and construction industry, released earlier today.

In his statement, the Treasurer recognises that building and construction is critical to our state’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, rebuilding our economy and creating jobs.

The Treasurer also confirms that current restrictions on activity do not apply to construction sites, on advice from the Chief Health Officer. However, this can only continue if everyone works together to implement safe work practices on sites to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. The Treasurer confirms that the State Government continues to act on the best health advice available to ensure Victorians are safe, both at home and at work.

CEO of Master Builders Victoria, Rebecca Casson said, “The statement of commitment from the Treasurer will be a big boost for mum-and-dad builders, big builders, sub-contractors, tradies, suppliers, manufacturers, apprentices and many others involved in the building and construction industry.”

“The building and construction industry comprises over 100,000 businesses in Victoria. This includes the companies that build our hospitals, roads and vital infrastructure. Equally important, though, are the many thousands of smaller mum-and-dad building companies that build and maintain our homes. They are a life blood of the Victorian economy,” Ms Casson said.

Master Builders Victoria welcomes the State Government’s commitment to supporting building and construction projects in planning and delivery, in the safest way possible, together with assurances on flexibility, trust and collaboration in working through these challenges.

“We now urge both State and Federal Governments to confirm that they will not pursue liquidated damages in any supply contracts and ask that private clients take a similar approach. This approach must be embraced by all subcontractors throughout the building supply chain; we call on everyone to pay within 30 days. It is unconscionable for clients to put pressure on smaller businesses and contractors at any time, but especially now,” Ms Casson said.

“Keeping the building and construction industry going maintains the direct employment of over 300,000 workers in Victoria. It also breathes life into so many other sectors that rely on building and construction, such as suppliers and manufacturers together with retail sectors that rely on home building and renovations.”

Master Builders Victoria looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the State Government, other industry associations and unions through this challenging period.