If last year proved to be a good one, but you believe there is room for improvement in 2018, I suggest following this short but useful three-tip list that addresses each area of business to help you have a fantastic year.


• Understand the margins on last year’s jobs , not just the cash flow
• Access money so that cash flow won’t be a big challenge this year
• Develop a strategy for increasing your prices and decreasing your costs.


• Implement a marketing campaign to attract jobs which offer you high margins
• Set a budget for advertising and link it back to leads you have generated
• Ensure you don’t portray yourself as ‘everything to everyone’ – focus on your target market.


• Ensure you have processes in place for productivity and outcomes
• Make sure your SWMS and toolbox meetings are effective and up to date
• Focus on training your staff to increase their productivity and happiness.

Finally, contact Master Builders Financial Services for assistance with securing finance for your business and personal needs, or contact me directly for assistance with running your business better and taking it to the next level.

I hope you have a great year ahead, and please use your membership to access terrific services not available to others. Use the competitive edge Master Builders helps to give you.

Harry Pontikis – Director
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