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MBV 2021 Elections

MBV is quite literally by and for its members. The MBV Board, Council and Sector Committees are filled by elected members who contribute their time and experience for the benefit of our entire industry.

It is these elected members who ensure that services and information are provided to all members, and who set the policy positions on which the organisation advocates.

Under the MBV Constitution, there are 48 elected positions on Sector Group Committees. To be on the Board or Council of MBV a member must first be on their relevant Sector Committee. The MBV Sector Group Committees are direct representatives of the:

  • Housing Sector 
  • General Contractor Sector 
  • Specialist Contractor Sector 
  • Country Sector
  • Materials Manufacturing and Supply Sector

The MBV 2021 Elections will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated just how important strong leadership is for our sector and it is because of the contribution of all members that MBV has been able to be a positive voice during these unprecedented times.

At the direction of the Board and Council, MBV has been extremely successful in keeping our industry safe and open during the COVID-19 pandemic. This positive action has supported all Victorian businesses and families.


  • Stage 1 of the 2021 MBV Election (election) is for half of the Sector Group Committee Members for each of the 5 Sector Group Committees AND the vacancies from the 2020 MBV Election.
  • Stage 2 is the election of all Councillors (other than Office Bearers i.e., President etc.) because Councillors only have a 1 year term.
  • Stage 3 is the election of all Sector Committee Chairs (Board, other than Office Bearers) because Chairs only have a 1 year term.
To access a copy of the Stage 3 election notice, please click here.

NOTE: Master Builders Victoria Members will have received a nomination form directly from the AEC. If you are a current member and the authorised representative and have not received your nomination form, please contact the Returning Officer at the AEC:

Sally Angus

Returning Officer

Telephone: 03 9285 7111

Email: [email protected]




Nominations Open


Nominations Close at 4:00pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT))


Nomination withdrawal period closes at 4:00pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT))


Postal Ballot Opens


Postal Ballot Closes at 12 Noon (Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT))

*Above dates may be subject to change.

For more information contact the MBV Team on 03 9411 4555.


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