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Building Interim Regulations 2017

The objectives of these Regulations are –
a) To remake with amendments the regulations which control the design, construction and use of buildings and places of public entertainment; and
b) To prescribe standards for the construction and demolition of buildings; and
c) To prescribe standards of safety for places of public entertainment; and
d) To regulate matters relating to the use and maintenance of buildings and places of public entertainment; and
e) To prescribe requirements for the design and siting of single dwellings and associated buildings; and
f) The prescribe standards and matters relating to the maintenance of fire safety and safety measures; and
g) To prescribe requirements for swimming pool and spa safety; and
h) To prescribe matters in relation to the registration of cooling tower systems; and
i) To provide for matters relating to the accreditation of building products, construction methods, designs, components and systems connected with building work and
j) To proscribe qualifications and provide for other matters relating to registration of building practitioners; and
k) To prescribe fees in respect of matters before the Building Appeals Board, the Building Practitioners Board and the Building Regulations Advisory Committee; and
l) To provide for other matters for the purposes of the Building Act 1993

Knowledge of this legislation is required when applying for domestic registration with the Building Practitioners Board.

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