Livable Housing Guidelines
Master Builders is committed to delivering diverse housing options for Victorians. Therefore, we are proud to support the recently released Livable Housing Australia (LHA) Design Guidelines and principles.

A house will have many occupants with a variety of needs over its lifetime. The LHA Design Guidelines help provide an accessible and safe home environment for young families, the elderly and people with special needs.

Houses that conform to the LHA Design Guidelines proudly display the Livable Housing Design Quality Mark. This mark indicates to potential home buyers that the dwelling was designed with a wide variety of occupants in mind and can be easily adapted to suit the needs of whoever occupies it.

Earning a Livable Housing Design Quality Mark is expected to improve the resale value of a home, increasing the resale market by up to 30 per cent by including people with accessibility issues and the elderly.

Click here to view the Guidelines.

The LHD Guidelines consist of Silver, Gold and Platinum performance ratings.

The ‘silver level’ seven core, livable housing design elements are:
 1 A safe and continuous path of travel from the street entrance and/or parking area to a dwelling entrance that is level, 
At least one level (step-free) entrance into the dwelling,

3 Internal doors and corridors that facilitate comfortable and unimpeded movement between spaces,
4  A toilet on the ground (or entry) level that provides easy access,
5  A bathroom that contains a hobless (step-free) shower recess,
6 Reinforced walls around the toilet, shower and bath to support the safe installation of grabrails at a later date,
7 A continuous handrail on one side of any stairway where there is a rise of more than 1 metre.
Livable Housing Design Booklet
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More information:

  • Visit the Livable Housing Australia website: Click Here
  • Download the Livable Housing Design (LHD) Guidelines: Click Here
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