OHS - Safety manager for a day
Despite the fact that builders might understand their legal responsibilities, have attended training courses and sought professional advice, some are still sometimes inclined to ask “who can do this form me?”

The question largely relates to the challenge of navigating and preparing the complex OHS paperwork required to properly manage safety on a construction site.

Master Builders members struggling with this question can utilise the ‘Safety Manager for a day’ service.

The service involves the engagement of the services of an OHS Advisor from the OHS Unit to assist members to prepare their OHS paperwork and engage in a range of safety activities to ensure that the safety needs of the site are being properly addressed. The nominal fee of $600 includes (depending on the needs of the site) delivery of a range of services including:

  • preparation of OHS Coordination Plans
  • preparation of site emergency procedures and first aid needs
  • preparation of site specific training needs
  • preparation of OHS registers – SWMS, Plant, Induction, MSDS etc.
  • reviewing of site signage requirements
  • conducting a housekeeping inspection
  • conducting a tool box meeting

The service is ideal for members that are about to embark on a new project or that have are in the early stages of their projects. The service involves the OHS Advisor working with the builder to fill the holes in the OHS needs of the site but also guiding the builder on how the manage the future needs of the site.

Members interested in taking up this service can contact the OHS unit on (03) 9411 4569 or email:mbassist@mbav.com.au
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