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PDFTuesday, 10 Dec 2013We have noted with some interest the recently released Student Outcomes report from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry.
PDFMonday, 5 Aug 2013The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) have recently released a Skills Training Needs Report.
PDFTuesday, 9 Jul 2013As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and in order to meet the needs of our students, we have thoroughly revamped two of our major courses, the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Estimating).
PDFTuesday, 11 Jun 2013The risk of a serious or fatal injury is considerably higher for building and construction workplaces than in any other industry.
PDFWednesday, 15 May 2013
PDFWednesday, 3 Apr 2013There are multiple aspects to becoming a building and construction professional.
PDFThursday, 7 Mar 2013A defining feature about the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is that VET qualifications are both industry developed and industry led. Master Builders is well placed in this sector thanks to; broad industry membership and alliances, a long-term commitment to maintain a Registered Training Organisation and the new Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC).
PDFTuesday, 5 Feb 2013Have you been thinking about ways to expand your business opportunities to remain competitive?
PDFMonday, 26 Nov 2012The 2013 CPD Awards for the Building Commission are closing in four days.
PDFWednesday, 26 Sep 2012Master Builders training services is in the process of developing the new Training Directory and scheduling the course timetable for January to June 2013.
PDFFriday, 31 Aug 2012It may seem counter-intuitive to invest time and dollars into training during tough economic times, but in reality it’s the perfect time to upskill yourself and your staff.
PDFTuesday, 31 Jul 2012Congratulations to the winners of the May/ June training promotion.
PDFMonday, 25 Jun 2012The finishing touches are underway on the Master Builders Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC) in South Melbourne.
PDFMonday, 28 May 2012Any member who contact Master Builders during May or June to enrol in, or enrol their staff in a course and pay-in-full will be eligible to go in to the draw to win one of two iPad 3s.
PDFMonday, 30 Apr 2012Construction has one of the highest frequencies of serious OHS incidents of all industries, according to Safework Australia. But well trained workers are safe workers.
PDFWednesday, 28 Mar 2012Master Builders can tailor learning packages to suit your needs.
PDFMonday, 5 Mar 2012Want to increase your sustainability qualifications?
PDFFriday, 24 Feb 2012
PDFWednesday, 16 Nov 2011Training Directory - Jan to June 2012 now online!
PDFWednesday, 14 Sep 2011Certificate III in Occupational Health & Safety – Would you like a funded training place?
PDFWednesday, 3 Aug 2011Would you like a funded training place?
PDFWednesday, 6 Jul 2011
PDFWednesday, 8 Jun 2011Master Builders Training Services - helping you get on course
PDFWednesday, 11 May 2011Training Directory July to December 2011 – out soon!
PDFWednesday, 13 Apr 2011Master Builders awarded CPD Provider of the Year
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