Sediment and Litter Control

The Importance of keeping stormwater clean

Stormwater is rainwater that flows across outside surfaces (i.e. house roof, car park, roads). It travels via the gutters and drains of the stormwater system to local creeks or rivers and eventually ends up in the Bay or on the beach.

Stormwater is not treated to remove pollutants so it must be kept clean. If it is contaminated with pollutants such as litter, sand, grease, oil or other chemicals it can kill fish and other water life and seriously pollute the environment where people swim, fish and play.

Key Facts

  • Every year stormwater carries 2 billion items of litter to Victorian rivers and the Bay. That is about 200,000 ute loads.
  • Most local councils have laws accompanied by fines of $200 - $1000, which aim to protect the stormwater system from damage and pollution.

So to protect the stormwater system and avoid being fined follow the 6 simple rules.

1. Plan before you start work on site.

2. Keep mud off the road and on site.
3. Keep litter contained on site.

 4. Stop erosion on site.

 5. Contain stockpiles and sediment.

 6. Confine all cleaning and wash up to the site.

Keeping Our Stormwater Clean

In simple terms keep your building activities and their effects confined to your building site.

A guide has been prepared with plenty of easy to follow information and advice about protecting the stormwater system. Click on the link below for the stormwater protection guidelines, "Keeping Our Stormwater Clean - A Guide for Building Sites."

Keep Our Stormwater Clean

Free copies can also be obtained by contacting Philip Alviano, 9411 4500 or email


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