Resource Efficiency, Recycling and Waste Minimisation Plans
Resource efficiency means reducing the amount of waste produced in the first place and then increasing the amount of material recycled. Increasing landfill costs mean that the recycling option is becoming more and more economical.

Compulsory recycling and waste management plans are becoming an increasingly common requirement of most developments. These are quite straightforward to complete.

Recycling may be easier than you think

  • Many companies don't need you to sort your waste.
  • Use a skip company that takes the material to a recycling centre.
  • There doesn't necessarily need to be a large amount of sorting.
  • Keep out the contaminants - mainly plastics, glass and general litter.

Download your free copy of 'The Resource Efficient Builder'.
A step-by-step guide on completing a waste management plan - Click Here

Free copies can also be obtained by contacting Philip Alviano, 9411 4555 or

Six steps to reducing your waste

1. Plan ways to reduce waste before you start.
 2. Design to standard sizes and order only what you need. Use prefabricated products
3. Team up with other nearby builders to recycle.
4. Provide a rubbish bin.
5. Seperate waste
6. Use a waste company that recycles.
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