This section contains a list of victories that Master Builders has had on behalf of the building and construction industry.

Inquiry into Housing Regulations 

The Association provided two submissions to the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s inquiry into regulations affecting the housing sector, and was heavily quoted in the draft report. Master Builders recommended, among others, 

  • changes to the builder registration system, including tougher enforcement procedures, 
  • the need to reduce inconsistencies in local council by-laws, 
  • making compliance with the 5 Star Energy Efficiency and Water Saving measurers easier for builders, and 
  • ensuring the cost-benefit ratio justified new building regulations before they are introduced.

Tsunami Relief Effort

MBA conduced a mission to Sri Lanka to assist with Tsunami relief efforts, taking companies that were specialists in low cost housing systems to the affected areas. These companies are now building homes to house displaced people in self-contained hamlets with common houses, clinics, and schools.

Solving the Apprentice Shortfall

Master Builders held its third annual Careers Expo in May 2005 at Caulfield Racecourse, as part of Master Builder Week, attended by 4,000 school students. The event showcases what the building and construction industry has to offer school leavers.

Master Builders has also run a prolonged media campaign throughout 2005, promoting the virtues of apprenticeships and the benefits for builders as employers.

Building Your Business Programs 

Ran successful Build Your Business programs in 12 locations throughout Victoria (8 regional, 4 metro) with two workshop evenings per location, that challenged 280 members and their business partners to reflect on their business practices and how they can be improved, ensuring they are “working in their business rather than on their business”.

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