Green Living for Builders

What is Master Builders Green Living?

Builders who complete the training and adopt sustainable innovations in their operations will be able to identify themselves as Master Builders Green Living builders . The brand will enable builders to market their services as businesses that are skilled in the design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt industry best practice for sustainability in the built environment.

The training will provide competencies in designing, building, installing and maintaining environmental innovations and will be linked to branding the service provided by accredited builders under the banner of Master Builders Green Living .

The aim of the training is to provide builders with:

  • the necessary skills to understand the scope and application of the energy provisions in the BCA and broad sustainability innovations (5 Star);
  • the skills and ongoing support to enable builders to comply with these provisions;
  • improved management and business skills to enable builders to pursue energy innovations;
  • the necessary tools and information to design and construct energy efficient structures that not only meet minimum standards but set a new benchmark in the housing sector for energy innovation.
  • the ability to improve their customer service and business by providing informative advice to clients about sustainable solutions in the design and construction of their dwelling.

The training goes beyond the mandatory provisions required through the BCA or state/territory or local government regulation. The training is aimed and structured to be delivered to businesses in the building and construction industry involved in the residential sector of the markets covering single lot residences, medium sized residential developments, apartments and units.

What will be asked of Master Builders Green Living builders ?

  • Everyone is welcome to complete the course, however Master Builders will accredit members who have completed the course as Master Builders Green Living once they have adopted sustainable innovations in their normal business operations. To be accredited a Master Builders Green Living builder will need to agree to complete the following annual re-accreditation undertakings;
  • submission of one page report (form provided) to MBA.
  • the details and number of Master Builders Green Living projects completed using the checklists issued as part of the course,
  • the amount of material recycled or diverted from landfill (submit reports obtained from waste disposal contractor or transfer/sorting facility),
  • confine litter, sand, soil, screenings, concrete and chemicals to the building site,
  • payment of the appropriate annual re-accreditation fee (currently $95).

Master Builders may check the accuracy of this information. Those found not to comply may lose their accreditation.

Benefits for the builders

  • Builders will have access to a marketing brand that will ensure they are recognized and applauded by the community as leaders in pursuing cost effective sustainable outcomes.
  • Builders who complete the course will be able to identify themselves as Master Builders Green Living builders and will be given an official accreditation number.
  • Master Builders Green Living builders will be listed on the Master Builders Victoria website where customers will be able to search for a Master Builders Green Living builder .
  • The acquisition of new skills and knowledge that will enable builders to meet the demands of regulators and their clients.
  • Builders will be more comfortable in offering sustainable solutions to their clients by having access to a range of tools that will enable them to better design and construct dwellings.

The program provides opportunities for mentoring support to assist builders to acquire and build on their experience and knowledge, particularly builders who are coming off a low base of understanding.

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