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PDFThursday, 3 Aug 2017
PDFWednesday, 26 Jul 2017Master Builders Association of Victoria (Master Builders) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Draft Building Regulations 2017 (the Draft Regulations).
As the peak body representing around 9,000 employers in the Victorian building and construction industry, Master Builders is an authority on the day-to-day challenges that face builders. In particular, we consider ourselves to be in an excellent position to provide feedback on the usability and suitability of the Victorian Building Regulations.
PDFTuesday, 2 May 2017The size and importance of the building and construction industry in Victoria cannot be overestimated. This is the most important sector for the State – in terms of what it delivers to the economy and the community. The sector doesn’t just deliver jobs, output and a disproportionate amount of taxation revenue – but it also delivers the houses and social infrastructure like roads, transport, parks, hospitals, schools and aged-care facilities - that are needed for Victorians to maintain the living standards that they have come to expect.
PDFThursday, 22 Sep 2016The quality of living standards in Victoria is an important issue for the community. With the population of Greater Melbourne predicted to grow to 8 million by 2051, a further 2.2 million dwellings are expected to be required1, a significant portion of which will be apartments. Victoria needs to embrace the population growth and implement sensible and sustainable policies that will enhance the liveability of Melbourne without worsening our housing affordability crisis.
Friday, 22 Jul 2016Notice is given, pursuant to R121(4) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009, that an Application to FWC by the Master Builders Association of Victoria (“the Association”) was made on 21 July 2016 to alter its Rules. The Application relates to a change in the election process of its Councillors. Details of the Application can be found at the Fair Work Commission website at
PDFTuesday, 21 Jun 2016Master Builders welcomes the opportunity to comment on Infrastructure Victoria’s All Things Considered and its accompanying draft options. In the context of Melbourne’s significant anticipated growth, Master Builders commends Infrastructure Victoria for presenting options that address three of the state’s major challenges:

1. Establishing a clear and consistent planning system;
2. Investing in, and building, key public infrastructure;
3. Investing in future skills and technology;
4. Investing in appropriate, sustainable and quality social infrastructure.
PDFTuesday, 29 Mar 2016In response to the series of Residential Zones State of Play reports[1] prepared by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Master Builders Association of Victoria (Master Builders) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the process and application of the residential zones that were introduced in 2013.

This submission provides an overview of the three new zones and then establishes the context within which the impact of these zones should be analysed: Melbourne’s (and Victoria’s) forecast population growth; and the housing affordability crisis.

To be consistent with the terms of the reference of the Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee (MRDAC), the submission is divided into three sections:
1. the process by which the new residential zones were implemented;
2. the current application of zones that allow for residential development;
3. the level of evidence and justification needed when preparing relevant planning scheme amendments; and
4. improvements to the residential zones: minimum building heights and as of right permitted uses.

This submission also codified ‘as-of-right’ processes as a broader improvement to the zoning system which we believe could ease pressure from the system, streamline the planning application process and ultimately reduce costs associated with the planning and building process.
The submission focuses mostly on Melbourne’s residential growth, because from Master Builders members’ perspective that is where the zones are considered to be having the most concerning impact.
PDFFriday, 11 Mar 2016As Australia’s fastest-growing city, the Bureau of Statistics projects that by 2051 Melbourne’s population could double to nearly 7.7 million, requiring construction of up to 1.6 million new homes- including 480,000 apartments. This presents significant opportunities for Victoria’s economy and the building and construction industry – but it also highlights the substantial challenges that need to be addressed.

For the Victorian economy to continue to prosper and embrace the forecast growth, Master Builders has identified eight key areas of reform in our 2016-17 Priorities document.
PDFMonday, 21 Dec 2015Master Builders Association of Victoria (Master Builders) is the peak body representing employers in the Victorian building and construction industry. Our membership consists of around 9000 builders, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers and students.
PDFFriday, 3 Jul 2015Faced with recent persistent publicity about industrial thuggery and lawlessness in the building and construction sector, I am sure I have not been alone in being deeply saddened and worried for the future of our industry.
PDFTuesday, 28 Apr 2015
Thursday, 19 Feb 2015Master Builders Rule Change

The Master Builders Association of Victoria, pursuant to regulation 126(1)(b) of the Fair Work Regulations 2009 hereby gives notice that it has made an application to the Fair Work Commission to alter its rules pursuant the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

Details of the application can be found at the Fair Work Commission
PDFWednesday, 3 Dec 2014Master Builders has supported Latrobe City Council’s efforts to encourage the use of wood as a preferred material in the construction and fit-out of Council buildings and infrastructure, where it is practicable.
WordFriday, 1 Aug 2014In accordance with the Constitution and Rules of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, nomination forms have been distributed on 1 August to all members eligible to vote, and be willing to serve – if elected - on our Sector Group Committees in the positions available for the two-year term of 2014-2016.
PDFTuesday, 1 Jul 2014The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is charged with promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces.

All non-public sector employers with a total of 100 or more employees are required to report to the Agency annually against a set of standardised gender equality indicators include gender composition of the workforce, and equal remuneration between women and men. Master Builders has lodged its annual public report in accordance with these requirements.
PDFMonday, 30 Jun 2014Master Builders’ has made a number of recommendations to the Victorian Building Authority regarding the effectiveness of the current Building Regulations 2006, which will help inform the drafting of the new 2016 regulations.
Monday, 14 Apr 2014Master Builders Rule Change

The Master Builders Association of Victoria, pursuant to regulation 126(1)(b) of the Fair Work Regulations 2009 hereby gives notice that it has made an application to the Fair Work Commission to alter its rules pursuant the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

Details of the application can be found at the Fair Work Commission under application R2014/69.
PDFMonday, 23 Dec 2013Master Builders' submission to the State Government for the 2014-15 Budget includes a call for an independent inquiry into housing affordability. The submission also includes calls relating to infrastructure.
PDFFriday, 13 Dec 2013Master Builders has made recommendations for modernising Victoria's planning system, based on new population statistics that forecast higher than expected growth in Melbourne between now and 2050.
PDFThursday, 12 Dec 2013Master Builders, alongside nine other industry associations and membership organisations, has outlined the need to proceed with the State Government's East West Link. The project will secure 3200 jobs in the construction sector.
PDFFriday, 20 Sep 2013Master Builders supports moves to improve the way water is used and re-used at a local community level so we can reduce the need to build large-scale, expensive infrastructure like desalination plants that drive up the cost of living

However, the State Government must be cautious to ensure it does not add red tape or costs onto building projects, which would hurt jobs and investment for our sector.
PDFFriday, 6 Sep 2013The State Government has proposed a new system to fast-track low-impact planning permit applications. Master Builders' submission supports this view, but calls for further work to speed up Victoria's planning process and cut red tape faced by industry.
PDFWednesday, 3 Apr 2013Master Builders has called for the City of Melbourne to abandon a proposal to impose a mandated open space contribution for developments of 5 to 8 per cent.
PDFTuesday, 2 Apr 2013Master Builders recommendations for developing a long-term vision for Melbourne.
PDFFriday, 22 Mar 2013Master Builders has called for greater quality and transparency in the RIS process.
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