The Legal Department of the Master Builders Association of Victoria provides information and advice to members of the Association on legal and contractual matters relating to the building and construction industry and their business activities in that industry. This over the phone advice is free of charge to members of the Association and is regarded as one of the major benefits of membership.

Our legal team comprises four lawyers who provide legal services to all members, as well as to the Association.

Legal services for members include:

  • Hotline telephone advice on all relevant residential & commercial building and construction matters including selection and administration of building contracts
  • General advice and assistance with claims, legal proceedings and disputes
  • In appropriate cases, initial meetings with members to give further advice on legal matters
  • Advice on dispute resolution procedures
  • Guidance about the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and other courts and jurisdictions
  • Guidance about the impact of legislative and regulatory changes on the building industry, including security of payment legislation and domestic and commercial building laws
  • Participation in Trade Nights to present and discuss with members any issues of interest to them, and to brief them on significant new or recent legal developments.
  • Articles and seminars for members of the Association in connection with building and construction laws and changes

Our lawyers are also involved in a number of other activities including:

  • Assist the President in the nomination and appointment of arbitrators in commercial building disputes.
  • Liaising with Government departments and regulatory authorities including Consumer Affairs Victoria, the Department of Infrastructure, the Victorian Building Authority and the Building Practitioners' Board.
  • Administering the Constitution of the Master Builders, including the election and the disciplinary processes

Further Information:

  1. FAQs about Building Contracts
  2. Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  3. Do you have a complaint about a Member of the Association?
  4. Links to other useful websites and contacts
  5. MBAV building contracts and documents available for purchase

If you are a member of the Association and you have a legal inquiry you may have one of our lawyers contact you by phone by either calling (03) 9411 4555 or by emailing the Legal Department by clicking the below link. Contact MBAV Legal Department
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